Our services are tailored to each client's particular situation, and as such, we will gladly provide a quote based upon your needs.  

Fees for below services start at $50.

Coastal Condo Care is licensed and bonded.  

Notary services are also available.


Property inspection

Rent your property with complete peace of mind knowing that we will conduct a pre- and post-rental property inspection.  This service includes preparing your home for guests, inventory management, managing keys and access, evaluating for required maintenance, and reviewing property for damage after rental.

Rest assured knowing that we will coordinate cleaning services, maintenance, and other service appointments.  Whether your air conditioning needs Freon or your internet needs to be hooked up, we will schedule, meet, and when necessary, remain with service personnel while they are attending to your property needs.

local contact

Many of the vacation rental services require a listed local point of contact with each property.  With this service, you not only have a name to put down for your application, you know that your guests will have a person to call in case they need anything.  We will greet and walk your guests through the property and gladly answer questions pertaining to the area.

Schedule service
& maintenance

One of the unfortunate but necessary services for life on the Gulf, we will make sure patio furniture and plants are secure to minimize damage in case of a storm.  We will also check on your property and communicate with you after the storm.

Hurricane prep
On-call & field

Being the 'go-to' people, we are available 24/7 and will respond to lock-out requests, troubleshooting minor maintenance issues (i.e. clogged garbage disposal), and in-town errands.  If you are coming to stay and want a full refrigerator and stocked cooler without having to lug everything with you, we're glad to take care of that for you.